40th Birthday Ideas – Celebrate your 40th with a Blast

Birthdays are that part of the year that should be looked forwarded to with much enthusiasm. No matter what age the celebrant may be turning to, a birthday is also a way to recognize that another year has passed and yet another should once again be welcomed with open arms. The fact that many of us mark our calendars or keep notes in our planners to be reminded of someone’s birthday just show how such occasions are truly significant. For the celebrant’s friends, a birthday is an opportunity to surprise or let the celebrant feel extra special even just once a year. For the birthday celebrant on the other hand, when the date of the occasion draws nearer and nearer, planning for the party is something that he/she should follow up with once in a while. In addition, birthdays might have varied meanings for different people and the way they celebrate the occasion wouldn’t be the same as well. However, nothing can change the fact that any kind of birthday should be one that’s filled with joy and merriment. That is, most especially for the celebrant. For the younger generation, such an event might be seen a celebration of the age of being carefree and blithe. On the other hand, for the more mature ones, it can be seen as a time for looking back or reflection and also a time for looking forward to more wonderful years. And what if you are about to celebrate your birthday with the age that signifies another milestone in your life? What if you are planning for an upcoming 40th birthday? Birthday celebrants who are turning 40 might have mixed reactions about the occasion. Nonetheless, nothing can change the fact that it is simply another important life event that deserves recognition and a celebration. So, what are some 40th birthday ideas to help you with your planning? We have tons of tips and ideas to share to you – from gifts, decorations, invitations and some more pointers to help you plan for that big day.

When one turns 40, some people might think that the festive atmosphere would be a lot minimal compared to when they had such celebrations when they were younger. Also, the celebrant himself/herself might even have lesser time to plan due to how busy life can be. However, 40th birthdays, just like any kind of birthday, is worthy of a grand celebration. And of course, the way the party is going to be celebrated will most likely depend on the celebrant. Some people would prefer to celebrate the party with fewer people such as close friends and relatives. If that is the case then one can opt to have a simple yet memorable dinner party at home or on a different venue. On the other hand, those who prefer grander celebrations have a lot of ways to celebrate such a momentous occasion. Truly, there are many 40th birthday ideas to make the celebration a blast. For instance, there are birthday themes one can choose from that can also make the planning part a lot easier. But, it is no secret that decorating the venue can be daunting; it is fun at the same time though so there’s no need to really fret about that. If you are planning to surprise the 40-to-be (the celebrant might be your husband, wife, brother, sister, best friend, etc.), then doing so through a birthday party would be a great way for your plan. For example, you can have activities in the party that has something to do with their hobbies and interests – activities such as games which encourage the participation of guests. Another additional something that you can have during the party would be a sort of presentation that will serve as a flashback for the years that had past. You can have a photo collage of memorable moments or an short audio-visual presentation chronicling the life of the celebrant.

Planning a 40th birthday will surely be fun and it is also a great way for you to explore more of your creativity. If you have an interesting idea in mind which you can think can add more life to the party, why not try it?  Remember that at the end of the day, what matters is how everyone loved the celebration.

Cool 40th Birthday Present Ideas Everyone Should Know

Celebrating a 40th birthday is symbolic and a special day for anyone. Thus, it is very important that thinking an appropriate 40th birthday present ideas is very essential in making this much more meaningful and worth remembering.

But for families of any celebrator who is about to turn 40 years old any time soon, there’s no other way to make this special much more special, aside of course with the presence of the entire family, but to think of the best gift that every 40-something will surely love.


So before going to the nearest shopping mall to buy that gift that you think the celebrator will like, there are things about the celebrator that one must take into account.


It’s a no-brainer that considering the celebrator’s personality when giving the gift is very crucial. Even though it’s a basic thing to consider, there are still a few people who miss or chose to ignore this aspect before buying a gift.

By knowing a birthday celebrator’s personality, it’s now easier to think of an appropriate 40th birthday present ideas.


Another important consideration that gift givers should take into account before buying a gift is the person’s interests. If the person who is about to celebrate his 40th birthday loves dogs or a specific hobby, buying gift items somewhat related to that hobby or interest makes a lot of sense.

As a giver, this will also help you narrow down your options and it becomes easier to choose the perfect gift item.

Other than a person’s interests and personality, there are other things that must be considered that will make the gift more memorable and be loved by the birthday celebrator. Whether it’s 40th or not, no birthday is too ordinary.

Thus, anyone can make this event more memorable for the person celebrating it with creative and unique gifts that came from a person’s heart.

40th Birthday Ideas for Women – An Occasion Well-Spent

Turning forty can mean quite a lot of things. Some might look forward to it, while others might get a little anxious about getting to that age. Whatever your perspective might be about turning into this “old age of youth” and “youth of old age”, you cannot deny the fact that someone once said that “life starts at forty”. Given that, how can that not be a positive thing, right? No matter how you might see it, forty is definitely considered a milestone age and it certainly signifies a lot about one’s life. Not everyone is fortunate enough to get to that age so a celebration for the arrival of this milestone should definitely be made. Moreover, being a forty year old is usually taken differently for men and women. For the latter, it can be a bit more unfair but at the end of the day, it really is about how a person takes this occasion of saying hello to more years of celebrating one’s existence. Hence, how does a woman celebrate tuning 40? Here are some 40th birthday ideas for women which can definitely help you plan out that special occasion, may you be planning to have a simple or grand celebration.

Like any other typical birthdays, the way a 40th birthday is celebrated can be varied. That is, some would prefer to have a simple yet intimate gathering while others would love to spend the occasion with more people and have a grander celebration. Thus, when planning out a 40th birthday celebration, it is important to consider what type of gathering would you rather spend. In this manner, you will have an idea of the expenses and the overall preparations that needs to be done before that special day comes. If you plan to surprise a special woman in your life for her 40th birthday, then it is best to keep in mind what her interests are. For instance, would she rather take a break and spend a weekend with close friends or a date for her 40th or celebrate the memorable occasion with other loved ones through a party? For the latter, to make the even more special, you can select a theme to make the celebration even more magical. With the right decorations, menu and guests, the celebrant will surely love turning 40. Furthermore, since we have already been talking about surprises, why not give her a gift that you know she’ll treasure? There are tons of gifts you can choose from, you can check our article about this matter for you to know more.

Being a forty year old can just mean so much. It is a time when you got to experience a lot of years in life yet you are aware that there are still so much more in store for you. It is a time for celebrating wisdom acquired throughout the years and a time of thanksgiving. Hence, it surely deserves to have an unforgettable celebration. These 40th birthday ideas for women are meant to help you out in planning for that special day.

40th Birthday Invitations – Make an Impression with an Invitation

Invitations are that element of party planning that involves much thinking. Almost any big party has an invitation which would usually be the first indication for guests to know about the upcoming party. Given that, it is apparent how invitations play an important role for prospective visitors to have a positive impression about the celebration. The invitation itself can serve as the material to make guests look forward to the party. Hence, it is important that you come up with an invitation that will certainly leave a mark on the guests’ mind. It will be a chance for you to set the kind of expectations that guests should have about the party. Furthermore, the invitation should contain the necessary details and and information to assure a guest’s attendance during the event. And what if it is a 40th birthday celebration that we’re talking about? What are the preparations to be made? Well, when thinking of invitations, there are a lot of ways for you to come up with one. There are readily available invitations found commercially and you also have the option to create one yourself. If you are more of a person with the creative flair, then choosing the latter option will surely be a lot of fun. If you have a quirky or interesting idea for an invitation in mind, then turn it into reality through creating custom-made invitations. What are other ideas for 40th birthday invitations to consider? There sure are a wide range of possibilities and we are going to give you a few pointers and suggestions through this article.

When making birthday party invitations, take note of the following details which must be part of the invitations to be given away: date and time, venue, theme (if any), a concise map of the location (so that guests can easily find the place) and some important information about the celebrant (such as the name of course and maybe other extras which you would think you should be added to the invitation). Coming up with your own personalized design might be daunting to you. If such is the case, you can look for inspiration from the Internet. One such website that has samples of 40th birthday invitations (for sale, that is) is PaperStyle.com. Check out their interesting concepts through this link. Even popular online photo sharing platform Pinterest has a board for invitation ideas for 40th birthdays. There seems to be an ever-flowing stream of inspiration, so keep on collecting thoughts and ideas until you come up with that striking invitation for the upcoming event.

40th Birthday Decorations – Liven Up the Party with the Right Decor

Preparing for an upcoming 40th birthday celebration? Aside from preparing the guest list and menu, another thing to be pre-occupied about is the venue of the party. Once you’ve selected where the party is to be held, the next question would involve how you’re going to make the place one heck of a venue. Of course, the way the place is to be decorated will depend on the general idea that the organizers have for the celebration. That is, it will depend most likely on the theme or motif set for the occasion. In most cases, the party decorations would most likely revolve around the chosen theme or concept. There are many kinds of birthdays to celebrate – birthdays for all ages and genders. For this article, we are going to focus on 40th birthdays. When you reach that big 40, how do you plan out that celebration to remember? There are tons of ways for that question to be answered and in terms of setting the mood for the entire party through the venue; we are presenting a number of ideas for 40th birthday decorations in this article.

In a separate article, we have made some 40th birthday theme suggestions which can serve as an example for you to plan out that big day. You don’t have to necessarily stick to the examples provided there though, you always have the liberty to come up with a theme in your own way. Just keep in mind that what will matter is the fun and festivity that the guests and celebrant will experience during the party. If you’re planning to host a big party, then it would be great to come up with a well-decorated venue to make the party even more special. Typically in birthday parties, table tops are embellished with memorable ornaments which will be based on the party’s theme. For 40th birthday party decorations, you can add the digits 4 and 0 if you want to give emphasis to the celebrant’s age. If you think that that wouldn’t be too appealing, then you can add more words and come up with a more appealing phrase. Say, for example, why not add something like “Fab at 40” or maybe “Fierce, Fabulous and Forty”? These are just suggestions though; you can always come up with something that will be more fitting for the celebrant. Moreover, balloons and buntings are some of the commonly used decorations which will sure make the party have an even festive atmosphere. Moreover, aside from selecting the right decorations for the right, also keep in mind that the color scheme should be appealing and be fitting for the occasion.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas – Gift Suggestions for that Special Occasion

Have a friend or loved one who’s turning 40 soon? One way of making him/her more special about another decade turn would be through giving him/her a birthday gift that he/she will treasure for the rest of his/her life. The gift you select will most likely depend on the interests of the birthday celebrant. Also, it can also be something that represents your friendship or relationship. However, there are other 40th birthday gift ideas which you can think of that will present you with other types of gifts to offer. You can go for something that isn’t too common, thus eliciting surprise and awe from the receiver. Wouldn’t it be such a great scenario? A gift would also be a great way of showing the celebrant how fabulous life can be being 40. Gift giving is also a nice opportunity for you to let your creative mind into work by thinking of interesting gift ideas. No matter who the birthday celebrant is, there is always a perfect birthday gift that is waiting to be received by them from you. What are some of these ideas? Read on for you to find out more.

Statement Shirts

T-shirts are great canvasses for interesting thoughts and ideas. Hence, it is no wonder how it will make a great choice as a 40th birthday gift. If there’s a statement which you think would be fitting for the 40-to-be, then go on and express it on a t-shirt. For some of these fun and crazy statements, check out CafePress.com for their custom clothing that come with such statements. You’ll be amused at reading fun ideas from the hundreds that they have. Moreover, a statement shirt would be suitable both for men and women alike.

Photo Collage/Album

A collection of photos would serve as a great 40th birthday gift especially if you are really close to the birthday celebrant. It also serves as a reminder of the wonderful years that had past, some of which were spent with you. What’s even better is to come up with a customized collage/album which will certainly make the celebrant happy due to the fact that you’ve devoted much time and effort for it to be made. Celebrating 40 years of life is about celebrating how far you’ve gone and a photo collage/album will be a great way of reminiscing about some important things that occurred in one’s life.

Coffee Mug

Similar to statement shirts, coffee mugs can also be a sort of canvass for expression. In addition, it is something that the celebrant can use on a daily basis. If that’s not the case, then he/she can have it kept as a decoration. You can expect that in the years to come, every time he/she looks at that mug, he/she will be reminded of that time when someone gave him/her a gift when he/she turned 40.

These are just some 40th birthday gift ideas and suggestions which aim to help you select a gift for the 40-to-be. You can come up with your own ideas though to make that gift even more special.

40th Birthday Party Ideas – Plan out an Awesome Celebration

Without a doubt, almost each and every one of us would love to be a part of a party. And out of all the parties out there, birthdays are some of the most popularly celebrated. There is just something about the occasion itself and the people who are part of it that always make it a memorable festivity. And more importantly, it is a celebration and a sort of thanksgiving party for the celebrant for reaching yet another milestone in life. That is, reaching a certain age which can signify a variety of things. Surely you’ve heard of birthday parties for 1 year olds, teenagers, and 21-to-bes among many others. But, what if the celebrant is going to turn 40? How do you celebrate his/her birthday? Well, people who turn 40 deserve a grand party as well just like those mentioned earlier. People from this age range might usually be busy and have a little time planning for such an event but that shouldn’t hinder them from having an unforgettable celebration. So, what are some 40th birthday party ideas to help you plan for that big event? This article contains suggestions and tips to help you organize for that big day so you better read on.

Some people might find celebrating a birthday party to be too daunting a task. It’s understandable though, considering how a party has a lot of aspects to it such as coming up with a guest list, the menu, venue and many others. Hence, for a 40th birthday, others would opt to have just a simple celebration wherein only a chosen few are invited. There’s nothing wrong with that though, an intimate celebration indeed is a lovely idea. However, what if you’re the type of person who would want to have many people celebrate with you for that important day? As the saying goes, “the more the merrier!” In planning out a 40th birthday to remember, you can select a theme based on the celebrant’s interests and preferences. Selecting a theme will certainly make thinking of 40th birthday party ideas a more tolerable task. Here are some themes as suggested in popular party planning website, Kara’s Party Ideas:

Jewelry Themed Birthday Party

For the women out there, having a jewelry themed birthday party will surely make the occasion both a glamorous and elegant one. Select a color for the motif such as light pink or blue perhaps. Serve jewelry-inspired goodies such as desserts with a mock-up of sparkly gems on them. This theme will certainly give that grand feel to the entire celebration.

New York Themed Birthday Party

A great party theme for both men and women alike, a New York themed birthday party should make every guest feel like some cosmopolitan beau or babe walking down the streets of NYC. Think skyscrapers, yellow cabs, dining and anything else that can be associated with New York when organizing the party. These things should be reflected in the party decorations, invitations and menu.

There are indeed a lot of 40th birthday party themes which you can come up with! If you are still in need of inspiration, then check out Spoonful.com’s suggestions for 40th Birthday Party Themes through clicking this link.